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Free-Flow Door Louvers

4CY Vision-Proof Louver, 24-gauge blades
8CY Vision-Proof Louver, 20-gauge blades - discontinued as of 8/30/16
40Y Vision-Proof Cartridge Door Louver, 24-gauge blades
80Y Vision-Proof Cartridge Door Louver, 20-gauge blades - discontinued as of 8/30/16 (AIL, STC and X options discontinued as of 4/1/16)
100AFL Fusible-Link Louver
700 Vision-Proof Aluminum Louver

Vision Lites

T4G Vision Lite, Fire Rated, for Glass ¼" Thick - discontinued as of 8/30/16

Installation Instructions

Free-Flow Door Louvers

100AFL Fusible-Link Louver
200AIL Vision-Proof Intumescent Louver - discontinued as of 8/30/16
200STC Vision-Proof Acoustical Louver - discontinued as of 4/1/16


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